TEDi is conscious of its responsibility to "Society" and within this CSR field of action it focuses on the promotion of socially disadvantaged children. Since 2007 commitment has concentrated on the Help and Hope Foundation, with the provision of donations in-kind and cash. This was founded in 2005 with the aim of helping children in need at a national and international level. The focus is on tackling child poverty in Germany, especially in the most populated state of North Rhine Westphalia, in which, according to a study of the Hans Boeckler Foundation, one in five children is threatened by poverty.

Particularly in Germany, the Foundation serves as a supplement to existing public institutions and thus acts a support by society where the state is reaching its limits due to lack of funding. The primary objective is for the Foundation's work to be sustainable, not just in the short term but especially in the long term. Where it is possible, therefore, support is given to people to help themselves.

For example, under the "GidZ Together into the Future" project, the Foundation has set up a support for young people in NRW, who, due to various causes, have had problems at school and consequently could only matriculate with less favourable or even without qualifications. The aim is to improve their career prospects and ideally give them a job. 

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