How our products become more sustainable

In addition to a fair price and good quality, we also pay attention to the sustainability of our products. We also have certified products in our range, which carry the "Blue Angel" (100% recycled paper) or "FSC ®" (Forest Stewardship Council) environmental labels: various paper products such as school writing and drawing pads or envelopes. Already, more than half of our paper products selection comes with one of the two certificates. We also carry textiles with the OEKO-TEX certificate. This seal indicates that the labelled products have successfully undergone independent tests for harmful substances over and above the minimum statutory requirements.

In addition, we obtain about a third of our goods from business partners in Germany or other member states of the European Union. Just under a quarter of all TEDi products are actually manufactured in Germany or other EU countries. The comparatively short delivery distances and high production standards have a positive impact on the carbon footprint of products.

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