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Company locations awarded by European Commission

In 2011, TEDi set up its firstTEDi built its first "green" store in Moordorf, East Friesland, in 2011. Since then, ten more stores have been designed and built to particularly environmentally and climate-friendly criteria, for which we have been awarded GreenBuilding certificates by the European Commission. Behind the "GreenBuilding" title there is a climate protection programme of the EU Commission aiming to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use in non-residential buildings.

Our excellently-built buildings consume up to 62 percent less primary energy than conventional buildings, and the level of CO2 emissions is 40 per cent lower than that of conventional buildings. Optimised insulation in the building facade, within the wall, the ceiling, and the floor ensures that energy does not escape unnecessarily. The heat energy is produced using modern air/water heat-pumps. An additional heat recovery process is facilitated by the re-utilisation of exhaust air. During periods in which no heating is required, these spaces are air-conditioned using an innovative cooling principle.

Our subsidiary branches are optimised according to environmental criteria. Fitting-out is exclusively contracted to German suppliers and with at least 90 percent being manufactured in Germany. This reduces delivery distances and further minimises CO2 emissions. In all branches, timers for the advertising systems and outdoor lighting are also installed. The power is switched off at night. This ensures that outdoor lighting and advertising systems on average burn no more than five hours a day.

In addition, the branch lighting systems within the field of external sales displays were partially converted to modern LED systems, reducing both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Since 2014, TEDi has switched exclusively to energy efficient LED technology for ceiling lighting when renovating existing stores and opening up new branch locations.

GreenBuilding Certificate

Modernisation of the TEDi headquarters from an environmental perspective

In 2010, we participated in the city of Dortmund project ÖKOPROFIT (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology). The ÖKOPROFIT advisor service is inspired by the maxim: protecting the environment, reducing operating costs.

During the project our corporate headquarters in Dortmund was the main focus of attention. The aim was to integrate environmental protection into everyday life and at the same time to increase the energy efficiency of the business. Over one year, company representatives participated in working groups, transferred knowledge with other companies and determined current status and targets with the help of external, individual consultation.

TEDi has lowered its energy consumption by 2.2 million kilowatt-hours (thermal energy) and saved an estimated 558,800 kg CO2, through a series of systematic actions, including extensive refurbishment and targeted awareness training of employees. A significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions could be achieved through these and other measures, such as more efficient waste separation and reduction of paper consumption.

After completing the project TEDi was presented with the award of "ÖKOPROFIT business Dortmund" at a public ceremony in 2010. After participating in ÖKOPROFIT, the company successfully conducted a re-assessment in April 2014 as part of the club formed under the same name, to verify that the principles and actions established have been followed through after completion of the project.

The ÖKOPROFIT club is committed to a continuing advisory service to permanently integrate environmental protection into enterprise development. The focus of the club is the exchange of experiences between the participating companies.

Central building TEDi renovation
Measure Investment (in €) Savings/Benefit
  • Façade insulation for our management and logistics buildings
  • Fitting of new, thermally-glazed windows
  • Replacement of the heating system (switch to gas-condensing boiler technology)
2.6 million
  • Reduction of heat loss
  • 2.2 million kWh heat energy
  • Recycling of paper envelopes
  • 126492 envelopes saved
  • Optimised waste sorting
  • 90 t less residual waste due to improved sorting techniques
  • Paperless correspondence
cannot be quantified
  • 1.8 million sheets of paper saved
  • Use of environmentally friendly copying paper featuring the ‘Blue Angel’ label
  • Resource conservation



TEDi participates in the pallet return system of the Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP). The company, which was founded in 1949 and is represented in 49 countries, is the market leader in the "pooling" of pallets and containers made of wood or plastic. More than 300 million of them are moved by CHEP daily.

With pooling, pallets and containers of affiliated partners are used several times, and when necessary repaired or, if severely damaged, reused through energy saving practices. As a result, valuable raw materials and natural resources do not end up in landfill sites. In addition, CHEP only buys wood from sustainable forests and thus makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

Through CHEP, the logistics operations again achieved an excellent result in 2015, with a return rate of 100%. TEDi was awarded a "very good" rating by the company. By participating in the CHEP system, in over ten years, we helped protecting more than 900,000 trees from being cut down in Germany alone.


TEDi has been a cooperation partner of Deutsche Post AG since 2011 and participates in the GoGreen project. All letters and packages that we deliver through Deutsche Post are climate compensated. The principle is simple and effective: participating companies like us pay an additional contribution for each franked postal dispatch for the CO2 harmful to the climate generated in the delivery of letters and parcels. The money supports the internationally recognised environmental projects of Deutsche Post, such as the construction of wind farms in China or biomass power plants in India. The compensation of CO2 emissions is certified by the independent organisation Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) according to the principles of ISO 14064.

Thanks to the "green" shipping initiative, the postal service has been able to offset 649,730 tonnes of carbon dioxide between 2006 and 2013 through their GoGreen Alliance. In 2013 there were nearly 2.37 billion carbon neutral shipments across the group, offsetting 193,760 tonnes of CO2. Compared to 2011, this represents an increase of around 40 percent.

More information about the GoGreen service of Deutsche Post can be found under www.deutschepost.de/en/g/gogreen.html.


TEDi backs alternative energy

TEDi is also pursuing new paths in electricity supply and from the end of 2010 started to arrange for all German branches to be supplied with green electricity, as far as the existing contract conditions allowed.

The changeover is almost complete: Since 2016 already 99 percent of our branches, the company headquarters and the logistics centre make use of green electricity, which is produced CO2 neutral, from generation to feed in to the grid, using renewable energy sources. The renewable energy is sourced from power stations, which do not use coal or create any atomic waste. The emissions resulting from the use of electricity are therefore substantially reduced.

green electricity

New photovoltaic system on the roof of the company headquarters in Dortmund saves 600 tonnes CO2 per year

In the autumn of 2013, we put one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Germany for internal consumption into operation at our headquarters in Dortmund. The 12,000 square metre plant extends over the roof of a warehouse as well as the administrative building. A large part of the power is used by us on site. On weekends, when the business rests, the solar energy is fed into the public grid.

The so-called PV system has a size of about two football fields and produces around 870,000 kilowatts per year. This amount corresponds to the average annual consumption of 240 four-person households. Through the system, we save about 600 tonnes of CO2 annually. This amount of CO2 is equivalent to that produced by fifteen 40-tonne trucks with an annual mileage of 50,000 kilometres.

With the photovoltaic system TEDi is taking an important step towards becoming a more sustainable trading company. This is our way of giving back part of our economic success, in this case to the environment: This is what responsible business conduct means to TEDi. Since 2010, we have focused on modern environmental technology and the use of renewable energy. The German branch network is therefore following on from the energy efficient refurbishment of the headquarters and the switch to sustainable and certified green power supply both here and with our logistics.

Solar systems Ecologically good
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