TEDi is distinguished as a family friendly operation

So that our employees can harmonise private and professional lives more effectively, we have participated in the Dortmund city project "FamUnDo"(Family-oriented companies in Dortmund) since 2009 and have been awarded for the action taken within this. FamUnDo is a consultation program for the economic empowerment of companies through strategic workforce development.

Dealing with the needs of working parents and bring them in line with company's interests is generally a challenge for any business. Through the dialogue with the founders of the project our belief has been confirmed: it is possible to bring family friendly corporate policies in line with business needs. Within the project we were able to share many ideas and experiences from other companies and take a variety of actions together in working groups. Actions have been derived from suggestions that could be implemented within the framework of sustainability management. This subsequently led to the award for a family-oriented operation.

Baby starter set for newborns
TEDi: A family-friendly company

Since then, employees at the headquarters have been able to get tips from an electronic information platform on how to reconcile work and family life more effectively. Assistance and help is offered here, for example, on carpooling, child birth and child care, as well as a contact person for life coaching or counselling.

The Internet portal has evolved over time, so that more areas could be integrated, such as an apartment exchange or carpooling. Our employee suggestion system has been significantly improved by the so-called TEDi letter. Each employee can use this to advance constructive criticism, praise and suggestions for improvement. With this communication medium every manager can be reached directly. Here confidential handling and the fastest possible personal reply are particularly important for us.

The action that has been implemented also includes small gestures, which indicate sympathy: for instance we welcome the newborn babies of our employees with a baby starter-set made up of TEDi items, making the start easier for the parents. As it is traditional in the industry, the proportion of women is very high also at TEDi, with about 90 percent. About 80 percent of our managers are female. In particular during pregnancy and the post natal period, time off for child care is jointly organised, and the opportunity for flexible working hours or, where necessary, part-time employment is examined. During parental leave, we stay in touch with our staff and assist them in the orderly return to work. Our managers make courtesy calls and these facilitate the reintegration of employees.

Measures implemented over the course of the ‘FamUnDo’ project

Measure Benefit
Information platform related to the subject of "family"
  • Time-savings for our employees
  • Cost savings and CO2 savings for our employees
TEDi letterboxes
  • Employee suggestion system in the company
  • Anonymous delivery of the TEDi letter
  • Improvement of workflows
Company cafeteria
  • Low-priced food
  • Promotion of internal communication
Baby start sets for new-borns
  • Cost savings for our employees
  • Assessment of the event
Employee survey for the FamUnDo project
  • Checking the success of procedures
  • Revising the existing product range
Target-setting meetings and creation of training seminars
  • Strengthening the bond between our employees and the company and
    their identification with the company
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