TEDi assumes responsability through sustainability

A look at our business strategy

TEDi demonstrates that fair prices do not exclude good quality, a varied product range or a commitment to sustainability. These are based on the economic success and the continued competitiveness of the company. We have integrated "sustainability" in the corporate strategy since 2004 and have therefore recognised social responsibility from the very beginning. Many steps since then have contributed to ensuring TEDi continues on its path to a sustainable retail company. As a result we give a part of our success to our employees, the environment and society: for us this means sensible management.


We are aware that in the modern world of work the compatibility of family and career is a key factor to attract motivated and satisfied employees and retain them. The actions already taken and planned for harmonising work and private life as well as the education and training of our workforce are central to our efforts in the "Employees" field of action.


Every activity, whether in our headquarters, during the transportation of goods in our stores and not least in manufacture, has an impact on people and the environment. We see ourselves as citizens and take responsibility in society through community involvement, sponsorship and donations. Actions in these fields are grouped together under our "Society" field of action.


We have defined the importance of climate change and the global shortage of resources as an environmental focus. To face these challenges at the enterprise level, we have stated that the reduction of our total emissions is a primary objective. We bring all the actions so far implemented and planned to achieve this objective together under our "Environmental" field of action.

Product range

In the sustainable development of the trading activities of TEDi the optimisation of the range and products is of considerable importance. While taking economic aspects and market conditions into account, we also assess our product range from a sustainability point of view and replace items where possible or take new ones. The actions taken in this context are shown here.