TEDi believes in quality with seal

Your trust is our drive

TEDi attaches great importance to the quality of the products. Therefore, they are put under the microscope and not just by our internal Quality Management, but also by independent experts. Products which bear the "tested for harmful substances" seal of approval, for example, have been examined for harmful substances by the accredited and independent Institute Dr. Graner & Partner GmbH.

The test procedure goes far beyond the examination of regulated toxic substances and also takes into account standards or requirements of other recognised institutions. Products which are awarded this seal do not pose a health risk, according to the current status of knowledge.

"The satisfaction and of course the safety of our customers are our first priority. We have therefore decided on this voluntary review of our products. Dr. Graner supports us as a reputable partner who reviews our products thoroughly for harmful substances", explains the head of TEDi-quality management, Jörg Schwerdtfeger.

The Institute examines both articles from current production and sample items from the goods delivered by the manufacturer. The products are tested for contaminants and impurities that may arise both during production and during storage or transport of the goods. The product only goes on sale when it is released by the Institute Dr. Graner.  In addition TEDi has also commissioned the Institute to take random samples from TEDi stores and test them.

The Institute Dr. Graner was founded in 1964. It works for well-known German companies and, for example, tests the safety of toys and investigates products according to current regulations and directives on hazardous and environmentally harmful substances. All relevant sections of the laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Further information about the work of the Institute can be found here.