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Behind the scenes of article testing

TEDi ensures that its products are not just good value, but also good quality. Therefore, the product testing is an essential part of our quality management. All manufacturers who produce goods for TEDi, undertake to test their products according to current safety standards. Depending on the item, this is particularly relevant for compliance with the permitted limits of various ingredients, the operational safety and the health impact.

After the goods arrive at the central warehouse, TEDi once again checks them for adherence to all guidelines. TEDi works together with renowned testing institutions for this purpose.

Before the delivery to the TEDi central warehouse in Dortmund, order samples are removed and sent to the headquarters at Dortmund or to an accredited testing authority. Here the next phase of product testing is initiated to monitor if the supplier has implemented or continued to maintain the quality requirements from the previous inspection. Delivery only occurs if our requirements and the statutory provisions have been complied with.

In the final step, an incoming goods inspection is carried out. Here we particularly examine the correct function and labelling of products. We take random samples and in addition, where necessary, send them to established test authorities, such as the "Institut Dr. Graner & Partner GmbH" and "SGS".

Qualitätssicherung von Spielzeug
Qualitätsprüfung von Produkten

Quality management

Trust is good, but control is better

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Test lab

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