The TEDi history from the foundation until today

Our success story


We introduce our trading concept and open our fi rst store in Germany. Every week, an average of two new shops are added. We round out the first business year with about 120 branch locations across Germany.


In August 2005, we celebrate the opening of the 250th store. During this year, we already train 150 young people in three professions at TEDi.


In July 2006, we open the 400th store. We’ve now also been joined by our mascot, the TEDi bear.


In May 2007, we celebrate the opening of the 500th store opening, and are now off ering apprenticeships in six professions. This year, we’re also supporting the “help and hope” foundation, which initiates social projects to help children and young people in need.


We continue to create new jobs as part of our expansion. As of 2008, we have over 650 stores and about 6,000 employees.


The renovation of the European headquarters in Dortmund-Brackel starts at the beginning of 2009. This results in increased energy effi ciency through a modern heating system, windows with better insulation and an insulated facade. Our administration and logistics facilities occupy approx. 125,000 square metres. A second 17,000 square metre warehouse is also completed by the end of 2010.


In May 2010, we celebrate the opening of the 1,000th TEDi store in Moordorf in Eastern Friesland. This is also the first store we had built according to the strict guidelines of the European Commission's GreenBuilding Programme. These shops use energy more effi ciently, conserving valuable resources.


At the start of the year, we switch the Dortmund head offi ce over to a "green" energy supply. By the end of 2011, three quarters of the roughly 1,200 locations in Germany are also running on certified green energy. In May, we open the fi rst TEDi store outside of Germany at Graz in Austria.


The expansion into other European countries continues: In June 2012, we celebrate the opening of the first TEDi store in Slovenia, in the town of Murska Sobota.


We’ve established ourselves as a successful brand in the non-food sector with about 1,300 locations and 3,000 to 4,000 different products. Our expansion abroad looks just as promising. In January 2013, we open the first store in Slovakia. There are now about 100 locations operating outside of Germany. At the European headquarters, we install a photovoltaic system to generate our own power and introduce an electric truck for the first time.


We celebrate our 10th anniversary and start the gradual process of renovating all our branches. As part of a new concept, we installed new imitation wood flooring, upgraded our product presentation and put a huge emphasis on energy efficiency, primarily by switching all the ceiling lighting over to more sustainable LED lights.


In May 2015, we have already switched about 20 percent of all the shops to the new store concept. In October, we open the first store in Spain. We are now active in five European countries, operating 150 TEDi shops outside of Germany.


Fully a third of our stores are upgraded to the new concept in 2016.


Meanwhile, half of all TEDi locations have been upgraded according to the concept introduced in 2015. The expansion through Europe is going strong, as well, as we open the first shops in Croatia.


In 2018, we refine our new store concept, offering our customers an even better shopping experience. In September, we open our 2000th store in Hamburg. We also open the first stores in Italy and Poland.


We've continued to grow steadily and continuously expand our network of stores, not only in Germany but in other European countries, too. We're also pleased to say that in 2019, more than 20,000 employees contributed to our company's success. A total of 40 percent of our branches are now sporting a brand-new look thanks to the store design concept introduced in 2018.


In 2020, we opened our first locations in the Czech Republic, now the 9th European country to welcome our chain of stores. In addition to our plan for steady growth, we've also been successfully pursuing our goal to continuously improve our sustainability and were able to implement several measures in 2020.


Our entire store network in Europe is to be consolidated in the long term to over 5,000 stores. In August, we will be launching our first store in the town of Papa in Hungary. In April, we will also be moving into a further distribution warehouse in Kamen, Westphalia.


TEDi is growing against the general trend in the retail sector: we now have a total of 2,750 stores, 1,890 of which are in Germany. We are steadily expanding our foreign portfolio: In March, the store in the Baia Mare shopping center in the northwest will be the first TEDi store to open in Romania, followed in November by Portugal with the opening of a TEDi store in Guimarães. This means we are now represented in twelve European countries.

Outlook 2023

With the market entries in Bulgaria, France and Belgium, we are now represented in 15 European countries. In the past financial year, our store network grew by a total of 300 TEDi stores, and we aim to open our 3,000th store this year.