From formation to the present day


The foundation was laid: We introduced our new trading concept and opened the first TEDi store. Our success showed early on, on average we opened two new stores every week and finished the fiscal year with more than 120 stores throughout Germany.


The opening of the 500th store followed in May. Furthermore, we were now training employees in six different professions. From now on, TEDi was also supporting the Help and Hope Foundation, which initiates social projects to support children and teenagers in need.


Thanks to our continued expansion, we were constantly able to create new jobs. By 2008, TEDi had more than 650 stores and employed about 6,000 people.


At the beginning of the year, the renovation of our European headquarters began in Dortmund-Brackel. This resulted in increased energy efficiency through a modern heating system, windows with better insulation and an insulated facade. Once the construction work was finished, a space of 125,000 square metres was available tomanagement and logistics.

A second, 17,000 square metre warehouse was also completed by the end of 2010. The grounds were also landscaped, a noise protection barrier was installed and the traffic management of trucks was revised.


In May we celebrated the opening of the 1,000th TEDi store in Moordorf in Eastern Friesland. This was also the first of our stores to be built to meet the strict regulations of the European Commission's GreenBuilding Programme. These stores more efficiently use the required energy than conventional ones do, thereby saving valuable resources. This is achieved through the use of modern environmental technologies and renewable energy, for example in lighting and air conditioning. Employees from all over Germany joined us at our headquarters to celebrate our first major company celebration as a way of thanking them for their excellent work.


At the start of the year, TEDi switched the Dortmund headquarters to "green" energy supply, using energy from renewable sources. By the end of the year, three-quarters of the German branches were using certified green energy. In May, we opened the first TEDi store outside of Germany, in the Austrian city of Graz. At that point in time, our branch network included almost 1,200 stores.


Expansion into other European countries continued apace: In June, we celebrated the opening of the first TEDi store in Slovenia in Murska Sobota.

Throughout our expansion, sustainability remained an important issue for us: By the end of 2012, we were able to increase the proportion of green energy in our German stores to 95 %.


TEDi established itself as a brand and one of the strongest local high street suppliers in the non-food sector in Germany with some 1,300 stores and between 3,000 and 4,000 products. International expansion also continued to be successful: in January we opened our first store in Slovakia. Now we operate some 100 branches outside of Germany. At our headquarters we held our first sustainability day, installed a photovoltaic system for our own power supply and put an electric truck into service for the first time.


TEDi celebrated its 10th anniversary and began with the progressive remodelling of all its stores. As part of the new concept, the appearance was modernized and a strong emphasis placed on energy efficiency, mainly through the widespread conversion of ceiling lighting to more sustainable LED light fittings. In addition, since the end of the year, TEDi Logistics put a second electric truck into service for supplying the shops in the Ruhr region.


The modernisation of the branch network continued apace: At the start of the business year in May, around 20 per cent of all TEDi stores had already been switched over to the new branch concept. And if that was not enough, TEDi customers were given the opportunity to shop around the clock at the newly opened online shop. Hundreds of good quality items at fair prices are available from In October, we also opened our first TEDi store in Spain. As a result, the company is now active in six European countries and operates 150 TEDi stores outside of Germany.


Due to changes in the competitive landscape, quality standards of logistics services increased which led to restructuring of logistics at our headquarters.

Therefore, the TEDi Logistik GmbH is now merging with the DLG Dortmunder Logistik Gesellschaft GmbH. The latter handles packaging for TEDi GmbH & Co. KG and provides logistics services for other companies.


The next objectives have been set: Through healthy longer term growth, the branch network in Europe will be increased to 2,000 stores. New locations should be gained in Germany and additional foreign markets opened up. We are particularly interested in prime locations, in downtown A or good B location. Every new TEDi store will be designed according to the new branch concept. Over Furthermore, we continue on our path toward a sustainable trading company through further measures in the areas of Employees, Environment, Society and Product Range.


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