Pallet return with CHEP

Environmental protection through wooden pallets from sustainable forestry

TEDi participates in the pallet return system of the Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP). The company, which was founded in 1949 and is represented in 49 countries, is the market leader in the "pooling" of pallets and containers made of wood or plastic. More than 300 million of them are moved by CHEP daily.

With pooling, pallets and containers of affiliated partners are used several times, and when necessary repaired or, if severely damaged, reused through energy saving practices. As a result, valuable raw materials and natural resources do not end up in landfill sites. In addition, CHEP only buys wood from sustainable forests and thus makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

Through CHEP, the logistics operations again achieved an excellent result in 2015, with a return rate of 100%. TEDi was awarded a "very good" rating by the company. By participating in the CHEP system, in over ten years, we helped protecting more than 900,000 trees from being cut down in Germany alone.

TEDi participates in the pooling system of Company CHEP