Protecting the environment with ÖKOPROFIT

Modernisation of the TEDi headquarters from an environmental perspective

In 2010, we participated in the city of Dortmund project ÖKOPROFIT (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology). The ÖKOPROFIT advisor service is inspired by the maxim: protecting the environment, reducing operating costs.

During the project our corporate headquarters in Dortmund was the main focus of attention. The aim was to integrate environmental protection into everyday life and at the same time to increase the energy efficiency of the business. Over one year, company representatives participated in working groups, transferred knowledge with other companies and determined current status and targets with the help of external, individual consultation.

TEDi has lowered its energy consumption by 2.2 million kilowatt-hours (thermal energy) and saved an estimated 558,800 kg CO2, through a series of systematic actions, including extensive refurbishment and targeted awareness training of employees. A significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions could be achieved through these and other measures, such as more efficient waste separation and reduction of paper consumption.

After completing the project TEDi was presented with the award of "ÖKOPROFIT business Dortmund" at a public ceremony in 2010. After participating in ÖKOPROFIT, the company successfully conducted a re-assessment in April 2014 as part of the club formed under the same name, to verify that the principles and actions established have been followed through after completion of the project.

The ÖKOPROFIT club is committed to a continuing advisory service to permanently integrate environmental protection into enterprise development. The focus of the club is the exchange of experiences between the participating companies.

Measure Investment (in €) Savings/Benefit
  • Façade insulation for our management and logistics buildings
  • Fitting of new, thermally-glazed windows
  • Replacement of the heating system (switch to gas-condensing boiler technology)
2.6 million
  • Reduction of heat loss
  • 2.2 million kWh heat energy
Recycling of paper envelopes   126492 envelopes saved
Optimised waste sorting 1800 90 t less residual waste due to improved sorting techniques
Paperless correspondence cannot be quantified 1.8 million sheets of paper saved
Use of environmentally friendly copying paper featuring the ‘Blue Angel’ label 25000 Resource conservation

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