Green stores

Company locations awarded by European Commission

In 2011, TEDi set up its firstTEDi built its first "green" store in Moordorf, East Friesland, in 2011. Since then, ten more stores have been designed and built to particularly environmentally and climate-friendly criteria, for which we have been awarded GreenBuilding certificates by the European Commission. Behind the "GreenBuilding" title there is a climate protection programme of the EU Commission aiming to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use in non-residential buildings.

Our excellently-built buildings consume up to 62 percent less primary energy than conventional buildings, and the level of CO2 emissions is 40 per cent lower than that of conventional buildings. Optimised insulation in the building facade, within the wall, the ceiling, and the floor ensures that energy does not escape unnecessarily. The heat energy is produced using modern air/water heat-pumps. An additional heat recovery process is facilitated by the re-utilisation of exhaust air. During periods in which no heating is required, these spaces are air-conditioned using an innovative cooling principle.

Our subsidiary branches are optimised according to environmental criteria. Fitting-out is exclusively contracted to German suppliers and with at least 90 percent being manufactured in Germany. This reduces delivery distances and further minimises CO2 emissions. In all branches, timers for the advertising systems and outdoor lighting are also installed. The power is switched off at night. This ensures that outdoor lighting and advertising systems on average burn no more than five hours a day.

In addition, the branch lighting systems within the field of external sales displays were partially converted to modern LED systems, reducing both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Since 2014, TEDi has switched exclusively to energy efficient LED technology for ceiling lighting when renovating existing stores and opening up new branch locations.

Google Analytics

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