Green deliveries thanks to GoGreen

TEDi sends climate-neutral mail by post

TEDi has been a cooperation partner of Deutsche Post AG since 2011 and participates in the GoGreen project. All letters and packages that we deliver through Deutsche Post are climate compensated. The principle is simple and effective: participating companies like us pay an additional contribution for each franked postal dispatch for the CO2 harmful to the climate generated in the delivery of letters and parcels. The money supports the internationally recognised environmental projects of Deutsche Post, such as the construction of wind farms in China or biomass power plants in India. The compensation of CO2 emissions is certified by the independent organisation Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) according to the principles of ISO 14064.

Thanks to the "green" shipping initiative, the postal service has been able to offset 649,730 tonnes of carbon dioxide between 2006 and 2013 through their GoGreen Alliance. In 2013 there were nearly 2.37 billion carbon neutral shipments across the group, offsetting 193,760 tonnes of CO2. Compared to 2011, this represents an increase of around 40 percent.

More information about the GoGreen service of Deutsche Post can be found under

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