The TEDi code of conduct

TEDi inspects products and prescribes minimum standards

We have defined a code of conduct as the basis for our cooperation with our business partners. This code of conduct prescribes the work conditions that need to be fulfilled when manufacturing products for us. With regard to its contents, this code of conduct is based on the minimum standards defined by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). It focuses on social justice and adherence to human rights in the name of the United Nations.

It is very important to TEDi that the processes in which our goods are produced uphold universally-valid human rights. The most important points that are defined within our code of conduct are as follows: the prohibition of child labour, compliance with the fundamental principles of labour laws (e.g. principles governing the maximum working time) and the local wage level, occupational safety, and the prohibition of discrimination and forced labour. At the beginning of a business relationship with TEDI, every supplier must consent to the code of conduct, undertake to follow the guidelines in it, and indicate its validity for his own suppliers in writing.