Young people may send their applications as of now

“We put great emphasis on training our future specialists and management team in our own company. This is why we offer young employees thrilling job training in a successful company with interesting career opportunities. In the past year, we continued to employ 90 per cent of our apprentices that had successfully completed their job training with us, explains Benjamin Pliet, head of personnel development at TEDi.

The 1 euro discount store offers attractive job trainings with a perspective, trainings for becoming a clerk, a wholesale and foreign trade clerk, a shipping and logistics clerk, amongst others

Combined vocational and advanced training as alternative to a university course

A combination of vocational and advanced training leading to the degree of a Certified Commercial Assistant in Retail is especially attractive and popular amongst applicants. This model is ideal particularly for anyone having passed their Abitur and not being willing to decide either for or against a university course or job training. After 36 months, apprentices may take their exams leading to one of the degrees “Kaufmann im Einzelhandel (m/w)” and “Geprüfter Handelsassistent im Einzelhandel (m/w)” that are awarded by the Chamber of Commerce. They are thus fit for a successful career in retail. The vocational and advanced training leading to „Handelsassistent (m/w) consists mainly of a practical part in one of the more of 1,100 branches of the company and of a multitude of intensive courses. Here, TEDi successfully works together with a renowned educational institution, the Bildungszentrum des Einzelhandels Niedersachsen (BZE) in Springe.

Anybody that is interested in a job training with TEDi should send their complete application to the following address:

TEDi GmbH & Co. KG
Brackeler Hellweg 301
44309 Dortmund

About TEDi:

With more than 1,100 branches all over Germany, TEDi is the local supplier amongst the 1 euro discount stores in Germany. The trading company offers a large selection of household, electric and DIY supplies as well as gifts and decoration. Also available: Stationary, toys, drugstore articles and beauty products as well as a variety of products for your car, bicycle, garden and pet. The product line is complete with underwear and hosiery, accessories and seasonal supplies. The company that was founded as late as 2004 focuses on long-term growth and opens approx. 150 branches each year.


For more information:

TEDi GmbH & Co. KG
Abteilung „Unternehmenskommunikation“
Brackeler Hellweg 301
44309 Dortmund

Tel.: 0231 / 555 77 1010
Fax: 0231 / 555 77 5801

E-Mail: presse(at)

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