Engagement for the Environment

Dortmund, September 1, 2011. In Germany roughly 5.3 billion plastic bags are used a year. Worldwide, the enormous quantity of plastic bags has long since been a huge environmental problem. The 1-Euro discounter TEDi has increased their focus on sustainability and environmental protection and beginning in the Fall of 2011 will offer its customers bags with the well-known environmental label the “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel). This eco-label attests that up to 80 percent fewer fossil materials are used to manufacture the bag.

“Especially regarding the issue of environmental protection it is exceedingly important that everyone takes responsibility and every user contributes to the preservation of the environment with his/her behavior. At TEDi we would like engage ourselves even more in the future which is why the issue of sustainability is a top priority for us”, explains Executive Director Frank Oesterling.

The environmentally friendly tote bag, which the 1-Euro discounter will offer at an unchanged price in Germany and Austria in the future, is made of recycled plastic film. First, these are converted into valuable raw materials. In contrast to bags made of new products approximately 60 percent of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, which is damaging to the environment, is saved. The manufacturer of the tote bags recycles 35,000 tons of plastic film every year and manufactures, among other things, the new TEDi Recycling bag, from the material acquired.

What is surprising is the comparison with the often clearly environmentally-friendly acting paper bags: in order to keep up with the new TEDi Recycling bag, paper bags would have to be used three times as often and, in addition, be much thinner. While paper can also be recycled, its production is expensive and uses unnecessary energy and raw materials.

About TEDi:

With more than 1,200 stores, TEDi is the local provider among the 1-Euro discounters in Germany. Since the beginning of May 2011 the company is also represented in Austria. As yet, six TEDi stores have been opened there. TEDi’s growth is also mirrored in the number of employees: In the meantime more than 8,000 people work for the 1-Euro discounter. From the beginning, TEDi was aware of its responsibility towards young women and men and created training positions from the first day on. To date, 232 of them have successfully completed their training. Currently, 289 apprentices are being trained in eight different occupations. Furthermore, the company is also aware of its social responsibility: since 2007, TEDi has supported the “help and hope” foundation, which initiates social projects to help children in need.


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