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Our product range

Our buyers closely monitor developments and trends in the market place and introduce new features to ensure our product range is varied and modern. Here, the wishes and needs of our customers always come first.

Our primary objective is to provide a consistently good quality, fair prices and compliance with our Code of Conduct in the manufacture of our products.

The product range is broad and varied. With some 3,000 to 4,000 different items in each store there is something to suit every customer.


Getting organised

School years are the best years of our lives, so they say. But to make the best of it, your need the proper school supplies for every form. TEDi has colourful school cones for your child's first day of school, as well loads of affordable little goodies to go inside that will surely put a smile on their face. Whether it is Maths, English or Arts – your one-stop shop next door has the right supplies for every subject. And we rely on well-established brands like Pelikan, Herlitz and TOPPOINT. Our permanent product range includes exercise books, spiral notebooks and writing utensils.

TEDi also carries lots of craft items to make your little artist jump for joy: sketch books, canvases, markers, coloured pencils, water colours and paintbrush sets, all at family-friendly prices. You can also visit any of our stores to find office supplies like folders, binders and dividers. And every desk drawer needs handy accessories like glue sticks, notepads and correction tape rollers, as well as hole-punchers and staplers. Plus, these items are not only low-priced at TEDi - they're also sustainable. More than half of our paper selection is certified with the environmental labels "FSC" or "blue angel" . This certification guarantees that the paper comes from sustainable sources.


Looking good

Many customers love to try out new styles, and nothing makes them happier than finding that one special accessory that suits them perfectly. TEDi offers a wide selection of clothing and jewellery for every season. Find just the right sunglasses to go with that summer outfit. And a relaxing day at the pool is not complete without a stylish bikini in one of the latest designs. When autumn and winter winds start to blow, stay warm with cosy winter accessories like hats, legwarmers and gloves.

And on Carnival, Halloween and New Year's, TEDi scores points with party-goers with awesome costumes, funny hats and kooky masks. The more crazy and colourful, the more fun you'll have! No style is complete without make-up accessories, of course. We have eye-liner, lip gloss, mascara and nail polish to give you the perfect look for any party.

Household products

All your everyday needs

Whether it's cakes, crackers, biscuits or chocolates – our home-style bakery has it all. If you like to bake, you'll love TEDi's wide assortment of kitchen utensils like whisks, mixing bowls, measuring cups and pastry brushes, available for as little as one Euro. Tip: Once they're ready, store your baked goods in biscuit tins. That way, they'll stay fresh longer.

Pots, pans, cutting boards, glass and ceramic ware, as well as decorative disposable plates and utensils are all part of our permanent product range. Your one-stop shop next door has just what you need, especially for outdoor activities like picnics or barbecues: plastic plates, cups and cutlery, all sturdy, reasonably priced and available near you.


The fun starts at TEDi

TEDi is a trading company from Dortmund, Germany, which offers a permanent assortment of toys that are sure to put a sparkle in any child's eyes. From matchbox cars and train sets to bubble kits, marbles, chalk and plush toys, we have just about everything that makes boys and girls jump for joy.

What's more, we also regularly surprise our youngest shoppers with licensed products like Disney merchandise. And TEDi is always adding to its existing assortment with new seasonal items, so there's always something exciting going on in the toy chest.

For instance, just in time for travel season, we're offering a wide range of toys and sporting goods for leisure activities – all at our usual low prices. We have blow-up animals, air mattresses and beach balls of all sizes for guaranteed fun in the sun. And for Christmas, TEDi is full of great gift ideas. It's always worth it to stop in at your local family-friendly retailer.


Decorations for any taste

Comfortable, chic and stylish – your apartment is your safe haven, the place where you want to feel at home. This comes down to individual details and tasteful decorations from TEDi. For an extra cosy atmosphere, it helps to get creative. Every season has its special character, and there's nothing like the right decorations to bring it to the forefront. Spring and summer mean bright colours, fragrant flowers and high temperatures. And TEDi has everything you need for the season, including vases, flower pots, Easter decorations and pillows with a variety of patters.

For autumn and winter, when the leaves start to fall, the first frost announces the cold season and the days become shorter, we're ready with candles and fairy lights in a variety of designs. Bathe the room in a warm light and enjoy a cosy atmosphere.

TEDi also has decorative products to make any party a success. Colourful balloons, streamers, garlands and ticker tape make for a cheerful ambiance. At TEDi, you'll always find the latest decorative trends to make life more beautiful.


High-performance equipment for indoor and outdoor use

When it's dark outside, the lights come on at home. String up some colourful lights, and give your home a special glow – any time of the year. Economical LED lamps are in high demand, because they last for a long time and use very little electricity. TEDi offers a wide assortment of energy-efficient lighting of all kinds, throughout the year. And don't forget – every household needs a good old flashlight. TEDi even has the batteries to go with it, at super low prices.

We also carry a wide range of electronics and home improvement products for anyone looking to hit the nail on the head. Backyard and barbecue aficionados can visit TEDi for a plethora of seasonally available outdoor items like planters, grill brushes and parasols. Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter – visit us any time of the year to find quality products for all your everyday needs, all family-friendly prices.

Pet supplies

Animal lovers will find a large range of products for their pet: from chew bones to grooming products, to toys and seasonal products.


Clean-up time

For cleaning projects, big and small, TEDi carries a full assortment of cleaning products like brooms, sweeping sets, mops, microfibre towels and scouring pads all year round. Because when you feel those first warm rays of sunshine, you know it's time for spring cleaning. Time to make your windows sparkle, scrub your floors and banish the leaves and dirt from your balcony or patio. In autumn and winter, when it's cold and muddy outside, rid your floors of stubborn footprints in a flash with our quality cleaning products.

Plus, in any TEDi store across Europe, you'll find products like bath cleaners, limescale dissolvers, degreasers and dish detergents, all year round and at low prices.